A unique experience : the Pilot with you, for you

Have you ever imagined flying in the sky seating just next to an airline Pilot, telling you about all the secrets of the flight, explaining how safe the flight is and upgrading your travel experience to the next level ?

This is now possible with our unique Air Wellness Program

Designed by a team of experts in human factor, and air transport behavioral marketers, Mathieu Leroy makes it happen. He launched his company, MATAKI, setting up in motion  his professional experience as a long-haul airline Pilot. 

MATAKI is fully dedicated to your comfort and self-fulfillment on board.

Mathieu Leroy has furthermore spent almost a decade helping hundreds of passengers getting rid of their anxiety in the sky forever. He is recognized worldwide for his skills in Human Factors, psychopedagogy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

He also helped dozens of other airline pilots improve their skills during hundreds of simulator sessions as he spent several years teaching as an Airbus Type Rating Instructor.

The Air Wellness Program is now available.

So, just seat, lie back, relax.. Learn. Breathe ! 

Mathieu Leroy flies with you, for you.

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